Monday, August 26, 2013

Cutesy Sunday

But first, did I mention that I made strawberry banana bread last week? Yah, that's because it turned out like $%&*. It sure did look good in the process, though.

The flavors were definitely good, but the batter was just too wet and I felt like I was eating bread pudding instead of banana bread. Womp womp.

In other news, David and I did have a really cutesy Sunday yesterday. First we went on a hike with Haruki. It was soooo hot, which was very unfortunate. It's actually going to be hot all week here. Boo. Luckily it keeps raining in the afternoon/evenings, but I'd still like to get temps in the eighties instead of the nineties.

After our hike we showered and went to get lunch stuff for a picnic in the park. David had a hummus sandwich and I had a kale salad along with hummus and some seedy bread.

Ruki sure was entranced with the squirrels in the tree above us. As you can see from the picture we did bring Haruki's travel water bowl, though we forgot regular water. And, just in case you're wondering, dogs don't really like flavored sparkling water:-) Oh well. We had a really nice time just sitting under a tree in the park and eating our food.

After that really nice time we took it down a notch and went to Home Depot. My general feeling towards Home Depot is one of exhaustion and disinterest, since when I was a kid and now that I shop there with David it feels like you go in there for stuff that isn't really fun or "for you," end up walking around the enormous space for-ev-er, and then still have to go home and use or implement what you bought. I'm thinking about getting myself pumped to do a back splash in our guest bathroom, however, so maybe I'm starting to come around.

After Home Depot we stopped at a mattress store to get a dog bed for Haruki. More on that once we get it. Then we went to get a few things from the grocery store. Then we came home, watched the end of the USA ProCycling Challenge, and then, my friends, I fell asleep. That was a lot of action for a pregnant chic! Whew!

I suspect a similar respite will be happening as soon as I hit "publish" here. Wish me luck, and have a good start to your week!

*Do you love/hate Home Depot?


  1. I'll eat your strawberry banana bread pudding for you! I loathe HD. I think it's because I accompanied Joey there so many times a few years ago when he was putting in a sprinkler system and it was so boring and always took forever. Whenever I go I just always want to find an employee and have them show me where to go instead of even attempting to look for myself.

    1. Yes, I agree completely about Home Depot employees. I actually kind of feel like a walking target when I'm there by myself, since I'm pretty sure that my ignorance is written all across my face and thus the employees are more likely to ask me if I need help finding anything.