Monday, August 19, 2013


Um, whoops. I just opened my iPhoto and realized that I didn't take many exciting pictures this weekend.

For example, exhibit A:

This was part of one of my breakfasts. Woo hoo, right? Actually, I decided to photograph it because it did seem so pretty and nutritious.

As far as other breakfasts go, yesterday David and I had pancakes. It's becoming a Sunday ritual, only recently I've started making them instead of waiting for David to do it. He usually sleeps later, so sometimes I'll make pancakes and leave them warming for him. Yesterday, however, he woke up just as they were finishing cooking, so we ate together.

Side-by-side Apple computers, reading the daily news, and eating our multigrain pancakes. Can you say "yuppie?"

And yes, that is Nikki's Coconut Butter. I am, obviously, _not_ that Nikki, but I did recently decide to try this coconut butter that all the famous bloggers talk about. My review? It's good. It's not going to change my life though. There's a tiny part of me that is still skeptical about a product that contains like 50% of my daily saturated fat, and I don't care what you say about "long chain" / "short chain" fatty acids or any of that.

Despite these rather mundane photos and events, I did take a picture of something interesting that happened at work. See, when people adopt cats we put their cats in a cardboard carrier to take home. Unfortunately I ran into a cat that really, really doesn't like being cooped up, and this happened:

Yah. A cat really did claw and bite and tear its way out of that box. And it took less than thirty seconds to do it too!! I was honestly scared about what that cat would do once it got out, since it was pretty terrifying watching it tear out of there. If you've ever seen Jurassic Park, then just imagine those velociraptors tearing out of a cage. It was like that. And that is why I have a dog and not a cat. (Among other reasons.)

In other news, it's hot here today. And it will be hot for a number of days this week. Sigh. I'm off to possibly nap before we run some errands and go to a friend's house for dinner. Will produce pictures of said dinner tomorrow, I swear:-)

*Isn't it funny that the box says "Cats are angels with whiskers" and a vicious f-ing feline tore through it?

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