Monday, August 12, 2013

Anniversary Weekend

Guess who came to visit at the shelter this weekend! A little baby Samoyed. Isn't he cute? Every time he walked his little ears flopped up and down. It was pretty much the pinnacle of cuteness.

Hmm. I probably should've ended the post with that picture, since it's definitely also the pinnacle of the post's cuteness.

My next tidbit from the weekend is definitely less cute.

This is a bunch of free stuff that I got for volunteering this weekend at the BStrong Bike Ride for Cancer. Not including the kale from Alfalfa's, of course. That I got just to make sure that I had some greens in me for part of lunch. (Since the second part of lunch was mostly margherita pizza.) I even got a free t-shirt for volunteering, which is pretty great since I got it in my current size and I now have a workout t-shirt that isn't awkwardly snug around my belly:-)

After volunteering I went home to pick up David so we could meet my family for dinner. It's been awhile since we were all together, so it was pretty nice to catch up. I ordered a tilapia dish that I neglected to photograph. BUT! I did photograph the second half of it when I ate it for lunch on Sunday:

With leftover kale, naturally.

Also of note food-wise this weekend? These pancakes:

Which don't actually look very good, do they? Oh well. Put enough almond butter on anything and I'd find it tasty.

And finally, these guys:

Those are carrot cake cupcakes from Tee and Cakes. I picked them up on Saturday afternoon since Sunday was our first wedding anniversary!! Seriously. If you live anywhere near Boulder you really have to order yourself a small carrot cake. Just like a 4" cake. It's so worth it.

We didn't do much on our anniversary, but because we just spent the day together, alone, it was pretty nice. We took Haruki on a long hike, gave her a bath, made and ate dinner together, and took care of a few pre-baby things. We talked about our first year of marriage, including things that we had learned during it. I'm just glad that the pregnancy hormones dealt us a good day so I didn't have to punch David in the face or hate his guts _at all_ yesterday:-)

*What do you do on your anniversary, if you have one?


  1. Happy Anniversary! I'd never tried carrot cake until last year and am now in love with it. I'd also eat anything with enough almond butter on it.

    1. You should seriously consider getting Tee and Cakes carrot cake for your next cake occasion. It really is the best carrot cake I've ever had. (I swear I'm not a rep for them or anything!)