Monday, June 3, 2013

Work Day

Happy Monday! I hope you all had really nice weekends. The weather here is still kinda wonky, but today it is supposed to get up to ninety degrees--the hottest day yet! Given that my pregnancy seems to be making me hotter than usual I'm not exactly thrilled about ninety degrees but it seems there is very little that I can do about it:-)

So last week I worked my first "real," non-training week. Woot. It was tiring. Being on your feet and walking, leaning, crouching, etc. for ten hours a day for three days in a row is tough on a pregnant chick! Actually, I wonder if it's not tough on everyone, excepting maybe a thirteen year old kid.

The job itself I like. While there are lots of people who come in and only want to adopt puppies or kittens, I met a woman this weekend who purposefully adopted old dogs--in this case an old obese dog--because, according to her, they need love the most. Seriously. I almost cried when she was nuzzling this old fat dog, whom I know would otherwise have a tough time getting adopted. That's some serious goodness in that lady's heart, right? Especially given that it's difficult to get pet insurance for old dogs and the likelihood that they'll need medical care is high.

These are the things that I think about while I'm on my lunch break. And speaking of my lunch break, I have a confession to make. I don't eat my lunch at the Humane Society. And I don't drive elsewhere to get lunch. Actually, what I do is drive my car two blocks away, park in the shade, and eat my lunch in my car.

Is that weird? It is, right? I mean, I like my coworkers, I do. But come lunch time, I really just _need_ to be alone. I really do sit in my car and think about how grateful I am that I don't hear dogs barking, that I don't have a clean-up project to take care of, and that I don't have to put forth the effort that (I find) it takes to have social conversation. I'm not a bad person, right?

Here's some photos of my lunch scene:

Lunch last week was a bunch of broccoli stir fry that I made especially for this purpose.

And the view from my side mirrors isn't too bad either:

The mountains still look really pretty because there is still quite a bit of snow left on some of them.

While I was thoughtful in prepping a lunch item for the work week, I didn't do so good on dinners, and ended up eating this a lot:

Yah. That's about as glamorous as it looks. It's half a can of aduki beans + frozen kale + hot sauce + parmesan cheese. I'm a cooking all-star, right.

But, after getting home from a long day and finding this girl waiting to go for a walk,

a can of beans was kind of an accomplishment.

*What is your go-to meal when you have to eat but have no energy whatsoever?

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