Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Glucose FUN!

Well, except for in this case. The glucose challenge test, as they call it, is just about the only time that glucose is not fun. In case you don't keep up to date on Pregnancy magazine, the glucose test is a test given to make sure that my pancreas is still producing adequate amounts of insulin during pregnancy. If not, they diagnose me with Gestational Diabetes and either severely restrict my sugar/carbohydrate intake or make me give myself insulin shots. So, yah: for the test they make you drink a very sugary drink and take your blood, and all the while you know that if it doesn't go well then you could be drinking some of the last sugars you'll get until after delivery. It's a messed up head game, as far as I can tell:-)

I chose the fruit punch flavor. It tastes mostly like Hawaiian Punch, only there's something a bit strange or "off" about it. In any case, it wasn't as bad as I was expecting, but I definitely wouldn't want to drink it again. Drinking 50 grams of sugar in five minutes gave this mama-to-be a headache.

After drinking the "Kool-Aid," meeting with my doctor, and then having my blood drawn, I was ready for a real lunch. I headed to North Boulder for Breadworks, which is a locally-owned bakery/cafe. The truth is that I want to love Breadworks, but most of the time it's just "meh." Today was no exception. I got a big side of their summer panzanella salad

a tub of hummus

and a lemon seltzer water.

My baby is probably dying of boredom from the menu I feed her. Sometimes I think I should just hit up a Burger King drive-thru and down a flame-broiled something something just to change things up. But, that probably won't happen.

I will, however, enjoy something tasty for dinner tonight, since David and I are going to the Boulder Farmers' Market to meet friends for dinner. Cross your fingers that it cools down a bit before then...

P.S. Working tomorrow and Friday; will try to check-in on Saturday or Sunday!

*Pop or soda? And do you drink the stuff?

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