Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cereal Sadness

Bad news, my friends. Yesterday I was wandering around Target and I happened to go down the cereal aisle to see if some of my old favorite cereals might be edible to me now. Obviously I didn't think that Captain Crunch was going to be anything less than sugar + enriched flour, but I was rather disappointed to find that Cracklin Oat Bran isn't doing so hot in the sugar and nutrition stakes either.

I kinda figured that it was mostly healthy but with a little sweetness thrown in. Sadly, the second ingredient...well, made me sad:

I mean, it's not like I don't eat any sugary things. Since becoming pregnant I find myself saying "OK" to foods that I would never have touched before, either due at first to food aversions or recently due to some crazy hormonal-ness. 

But seeing sugar as the second ingredient is kind of like a conscience barrier. I want the cereal. And at some desperate other time I could find myself buying it anyhow. But most of the time, I can't bring myself to buy it because sugar is so high on the list. Geez, Kelloggs--couldn't you have added in some fillers that might've pushed "sugar" down to ingredient four or five? Seriously, that might've worked for me.

Meanwhile, dinners around here are still looking pretty boring. Last night it was roasted asparagus with a piece of a demi-baguette that I treated myself to the day before yesterday.

That baguette is actually a good example of something I would not have purchased before becoming pregnant. I almost exclusively eat whole grains--especially bread--but for some reason I decided that it sounded good and that I ought to buy it. 

In case you're wondering, there are two morals to this boring story. 

1) My eating habits have changed since becoming pregnant. This had made me think more about how I plan to eat after pregnancy--whether I'll lighten up a bit on my food rules--and it's also made me think about the stereotype of the pregnant lady who allows herself to eat garbage for the entire nine months and consequently gains seventy pounds. I have not gained seventy pounds, or anything remotely close to that, but as I mentioned I have found myself eating foods on occasion that were previously "off limits." It's funny, because it's not like I just get in a "I don't give a damn" mood, but rather, I just don't feel myself getting quite as stressed about it. Perhaps it's because I'm stressed about other things, like WTF am I going to do with a newborn?

2) One thing that I do stress about a bit lately is sugar, the reason being that I'm taking my glucose test for gestational diabetes next week. Basically that means that they'll be testing to see whether my pregnant body is dealing with sugar in a healthy way; if it's not, I'll be on a diet from hell from here until baby turns up on the outside. My sister in law developed gestational diabetes and couldn't even have cake at her baby shower. That is just wrong on a lot of levels, so let's keep our fingers crossed for me...mmmkay?

*Are there any foods that some annoyingly conscientious part of you won't let you buy? What cereal did you eat while growing up?


  1. Growing up, my mom had a rule that we couldn't buy any cereal with sugar in the first two ingredients, which pretty much ruled out everything except Cheerios. I loved sleeping over at friends' houses so I could enjoy a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Thinking about it now though, I should probably thank my mom for that rule.

    1. Mmmm...CTC is sooo good. I sometimes think about buying it, but I'm pretty sure I'd eat the whole box in one sitting. That is a good mom rule. I don't remember what my mom's rule was, but I do know that my nieces get all sorts of treats we never got when they go over to my parents' house now. The funny thing is that I'm both jealous of my nieces and also worried about my future kids getting too much sugar when they're at grandma and grandpa's.