Sunday, June 23, 2013

Saturday Deck Dinner

Since I started working Thursday thru Saturday, Sunday is my new Monday. Unfortunately, lately I just feel like spending Sundays sleeping, which is, I hope, a side effect of pregnancy. I also generally feel like resting directly after work, though last night I made an exception so we could have our friends Jud and Erin over.

I know I already mentioned this, but Jud is David's BFF and is in town for another month or so, working on Popsockets stuff. At my request David made spicy seitan burritos for dinner, and we enjoyed them out on our deck.

We had a simple salad of baby kale, blueberries, and walnuts as well.

And while David talked and told stories,

I stared around at our pretty view:

Which actually got even more pretty as the light faded and the sun set.

I can't even imagine how pretty I would have found the scenery if I'd been allowed to have a beer with the guys...can't wait for October 1 and the chance to finally have a beer again!

Since we were all pretty stuffed we decided to take a short hike before moving on to dessert. On our hike we talked about the fungus that grows on burnt trees (we have a lot of it around here) and the certain kind of plant that is good for using when you need toilet paper but can't get to any.

Oh! Also, on our hike, Haruki found a huge pile of horse shit, rolled herself in it before we could stop her, and then proceeded to try and eat it. So, the lesson here is that even though your dog might seem _just_ like a human member of your family, he/she is not. I only wish this behavior would convince David to stop letting Ruki lick his nose and mouth.

Dessert was watermelon and a few shared cookies that David picked up at Whole Foods. A maple nut cookie and a few vegan chocolate chip cookies, I believe.

I stuck to the watermelon because I'd eaten too much burrito:-(

Mountain shot even later, after we'd been sitting outside and talking for awhile:

And now, after a family hike and a partial nap while sort of watching a stupid movie, David and I are off to town to run a few errands. Home Depot, Target, the grocery store--all exciting stuff. Soon I'll have a baby and going to the grocery store without an infant will seem like a dream come true...

*What would your first drink be if you weren't able to drink any alcohol for ~41 weeks straight?


  1. I never thought not being able to drink while pregnant would be a big deal but then I fell in love with beer and margaritas and now I feel like 9 months without alcohol would feel SO long. You two have such a gorgeous view. I think I would eat every meal outside during the summer if I could see the mountains like that!

    1. The funny thing is that during pregnancy is when (at least for me) a nice glass of red wine or a cold beer would really help you relax, i.e. in lieu of thinking about how you'll soon be totally responsible for another living creature. Heh. Even looking at that picture of the newborn you held at your company picnic makes me want a drink... :-)