Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Holy pot pie it's freaking hot up here in CO. Is it hot where you are? All of a sudden it's really, truly summer. Part of me is glad because that means that after summer ends I'll almost be done being pregnant. The other part of me is slightly dreading more hot days since my maternity clothes shopping has been minimal and my current maternity wardrobe is a pair of jeans and the same two t-shirts worn over and over. And, in case you can't imagine, maternity jeans are not very cooling. That thing that holds your fetus in place while you run, dribble basketballs, or chase cars is just another layer of stuff that makes you feel hotter when your body is already cooking at a higher temperature due to the pregnancy itself.


Luckily, my mom likes air conditioning, and today I spent the afternoon with her. She's still babysitting my niece Ella and today I went down to her house for lunch and a shopping trip.

We went to the mall, where Ella was entranced with this little kid doing acrobatics.

I was just as entranced by our attempts to buy new shoes for Ella. It was just about the cutest thing ever to see the salesgirl trying to fit Ella's little foot into the metal sizing thingy.

I told the girl helping us that Ella's thighs usually aren't quite so plump--she must be retaining water:-) I really like plump baby thighs.

I also bought a new purse. I almost bought a purse from the Saks Fifth Avenue outlet, but quickly changed my mind when I learned that it was originally $570 and still only on sale for $240. I mean, it was leather, but $240? I'm barely mature enough to have a purse (i.e. instead of my school messenger bag); I can't fathom spending that much money on an item that I still feel slightly uncomfortable carrying around. Although, I guess I've spent that much money on this little baby I'm carrying around...hmmm.

She looks very mischievous, doesn't she?

After shopping and driving home, I decided to treat myself to a pedicure.

So sad. These babies are definitely starting to swell. If I'm already swelling and retaining this much water now how much can I expect to swell up by the time I'm finished cooking the baby? Luckily I don't wear stilettos as often as Kim Kardashian: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2325813/Kim-Kardashians-swollen-feet-severely-pinched-squeezes-sky-high-perspex-stilettos.html

*How much would you spend on a purse?


  1. $25 bucks on a purse is about my max. I could not care less about name brand purses.


    1. I did actually go in to a maternity store while shopping with my mom! And...I bought some new stuff! It's amazing how much less fat I look when wearing proper maternity clothes. Maybe next week I'll do a post where we compare side by side photos--one side where I'm wearing my regular t-shirts and stuff (and look like I have a pot belly) and one where I wear my new maternity shirts (and look like I'm cute and loving being pregnant). These maternity designers are geniuses!