Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Road Trip

Hi friends, and happy Wednesday! It _is_ Wednesday, right? The last five or six days have been kinda fuzzy since my usual routine was disrupted. 

David and I spent this last weekend, up until yesterday, in Vail, Colorado with his family. My nephew Cooper had a lacrosse tournament there and David's Mom was able to organize a trip for us all. 

While Vail is only about two hours away from our house, the drive there still necessitated some road trip snacks:

I definitely recommend those hummus chips. I don't like potato chips but these are really tasty.

Once we got to Vail we headed straight out to dinner, though I'm afraid the restaurant was a smidge too fancy for taking iPhone pictures. I'd apologize, but in truth the restaurant and the food were pretty average.

The next morning found me and David sleeping in! (Hooray!) I've been caught in a pattern of waking up at six-thirty no matter what, so it was a special treat to sleep until eight a.m. After sleeping in and a quick breakfast, David, his Dad, and I went for a hike at Booth Falls. It's called Booth Falls because of this:

Really, though, this picture is a sad version of the real falls.

David and his Dad during our sandwich lunch break:

On the way down we got poured on, but not struck by lightning. So that's a positive, right?

On bizarre note, while hiking I learned that apparently a visibly pregnant woman functions as a kind of fitness "bar" by which everyone else can measure how out of shape they are. For example? We passed one group of people with a guy who actually said, "Great--now I can say I got passed by a pregnant lady." I'm not sure how I was supposed to take that one, but later I decided that I should've reassured the guy by telling him that this pregnant lady does bootcamp classes:-)

David and I had another sandwich lunch the next day, though this one was from a local sandwich/breakfast shop and we ate our sandwiches next to the river that runs through town (the Eagle River?)

My bad on the finger in the upper right corner.

After lunch we went to see a kayaking competition, which basically consisted of two kayakers racing down the river and trying to be the first one to hit several cow bells strung up alongside the river.

It was pretty exciting, and a nice way to spend a cool summer afternoon. 

Later I took a picture while walking through downtown Vail:

And then yesterday, on our drive home, I took a picture of the road outta town:

As you can see, it was an ugly weekend:-)

*Have you ever been to Vail? I have to admit that it's not my favorite mountain town. It's a bit snooty and doesn't have as much cute history or charm as Telluride or Crested Butte, Colorado. But, the mountains in the summer are pretty dreamy and relaxing no matter what, I say!


  1. Mmm, hummus chips and Trilogy Kombucha :) That was the first flavor I ever tried, giving it a special place in my heart. Everyone has a special place in their heart for Kombucha, right? I went to Vail last summer and it was like being in a little European mountain town for people who've never been to a little European mountain town. But yeah, definitely got a little pretentious feel to it, doesn't it?

    1. Trilogy is so good, isn't it? And it was my first too!
      I totally agree about Vail. I mean, it was built in the 1960s, it's an obviously fake European town, and it's right on the main highway. I know lots of people who love it there anyway, so maybe I'm missing a section of town when I stay there?!