Sunday, June 9, 2013

Weekend Hike

Hiya friends, and happy Sunday! I hope you are all enjoying some relaxation and/or time with the peeps that you like the best. My day has been filled with some of that, and also with sleeping in a taking an afternoon nap. Working three long days in a row really takes it out of me now, though I suspect that I'd feel like I needed a nap whether I was working or not. Whomever said you stop feeling tired in the second trimester was apparently "just joshing." (Blech. Isn't that the worst phrase, perhaps right behind "cool beans?")

Despite being sleepy I did manage to take a hike with David and Haruki this morning, and I thought I'd share some photos since everything around here is going to wilt and die due to the upcoming heat we're expecting.

This is a picture I took while driving home from work the other day.

Pretty right? Things have really greened up since all that late snow and rain we got.

Ruki likes it too:-)

This was right before she plopped herself down in the stream. Guess it's better than the poop she rolled in last week. And, I might add, the smell on her yesterday after she found a dead baby doe and David let her carry it home:-(

And now I'm off to read a bit before David and I go to meet friends for dinner and a movie. David's BFF Jud and his girlfriend Erin are actually staying in Boulder for almost two months, so tonight is our first test drive on our couple relationship. We are also seeing the movie _Star Trek_. Heh. I'll give you a review tomorrow, but you can expect that I won't be seeing my new favorite-ist movie tonight.

*Have you or are you going to see _Star Trek_?

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