Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Some Summer

Some Summer this is shaping up to be! I don't know about the weather where you are, but here in Boulder, CO, it's been strange. Today it was cloudy, rainy, and foggy all day. It really felt like winter again. Ruki celebrated by running around a lot, getting really muddy on our walks, and then finally rolling herself and rubbing her head and neck into some poop. She's done this twice recently, so we're hoping that she starts to negatively correlate that rubbing one's self in poop = bath time!!!

In other news, today was a good day because David finally returned from a business trip to China. Yes, freaking China. It's for Popsockets, of course, but that didn't stop it from being difficult to have him gone. Normally when he's out of town I really try to savor all the alone time. You know, plan out special movie nights with "treat food," etc., etc. But this time--I'm guessing because of all the pregnancy hormones--I was really not happy about him leaving the country for a week. In fact, I was downright sad and emotional about it, partly because it was difficult to talk much being that it was China and not San Francisco or something.

Ruki gets really sad when David is gone too.

I swear she looks at me with such disappointment when David is gone. Like, "What, You? Couldn't you be the one who travels for business?"

The good news is that David is back safely from his travels, and his trip to China was a success.

Here are a few photos that he sent me:

Apparently the main engineer at the Popsocket's factory was pretty impressed that David set up these forks and this match.

And with that I'm off to read a bit before going to bed early. I have to work 8-7 p.m. tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday, but I'll try to pop in on Sunday with a "makeup" post.

*How do you feel when your "person" is out of town? What about when you're out of town and away from home?

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