Monday, June 10, 2013


It's going to be a near-wordless Monday, people. In other words, in lieu of complaining I'm just going to avoid writing too much today. Heh.

Mid-morning stop at the Social Security office, where I had hoped to change my name:

Needless to say, today wasn't meant to be my last visit to the Social Security office. It's a good thing, since I like bureaucratic time sucks:-)

Afterwards, an enjoyable lunch with my Uncle Mike, my Mom, and my niece Ella. I remembered in just the nick of time to photograph my lunch, which was a Greek salad with falafel.

I guess "in the nick of time" is actually somewhat relative. What's not relative? How much I can't stand red onions now that I'm carrying around this fetus. Maybe that's a good thing anyhow.

Even without the onions, I had a good time at lunch since this little girl sat right next to me and smiled like crazy:

And a view on the drive to lunch:

*What did you eat for lunch? If you work in an office, do you usually pack your lunch or go out? Seriously, I'm curious to know.


  1. I detest raw red onions! Blech! Anyways, I pack my lunch almost every single day, unless it happens to be Chipotle Thursday. Today was leftover veggie tacos!

    1. I often think that leftovers are the best food ever, excepting the fact that you usually have to cook a meal in order to get them.