Friday, June 14, 2013


Look at me, peeps! Posting on a work day! WTF, right? Well, it's seven-thirty in the a.m. and I have about half an hour before I have to leave. And, of course, I have lots of crucial and meaningful thoughts as well as amazing photographs to share with you.

First off, the good news: I passed my glucose tolerance test! Yay! I'm thinking of celebrating with sugar--what do you guys think? I'm also _not_ anemic, which is kind of a big deal, since I have a history of anemia and it's just generally very common for pregnant women. That means I'm a non-anemic pregnant vegetarian, people! Um, excepting the handful of times I've eaten turkey or chicken since getting knocked up. In any case, whatever I'm doing is working, so that makes me happy.

I got the news about my blood tests on Wednesday, and it was perfect timing since we were headed to have dinner with friends at the Boulder Farmers' Market.

I stood in line for a long time here:

So I could get a taste of these:

Those are millet tots--like tater tots only with millet. And in case it's not obvious, they were tasty, i.e. fried:-)

Instead of having just fried millet for dinner, I shared these little cubes with our friends and had a tamale with beans and green chile for my "real" dinner.

Tasty and not unhealthy, either.

Luckily it wasn't too warm on Wednesday evening, though in case you haven't been following the news the weather (heat and wind) haven't been super cooperative to all the fires burning in Colorado right now. There is a really bad one in Colorado Springs and it's already been deemed the most destructive fire in state history. And, given our state's history of bad fires, that means a lot!

The good news is that even after a fire, the landscape _can_ really rejuvenate itself, as evidenced by the picture I took on our way home from the Famers' Market:

Okay so that's not the best picture. But! The grass has regrown! Animals have come back! (As evidenced by Haruki's latest deer capture:-))

So, the moral is: have a good weekend, friends. Stay cool, and not on fire.

*Does your state have a history of wildfires?


  1. Go eat some sugar cubes! One time I did that as a kid and felt so sick I will probably feel queasy just thinking about sugar cubes for the rest of my life. But seriously, congrats on passing the glucose test. I love those tamales (my dad actually knows the owner, and yet still no free tamales for me?!), mostly because I know they aren't made with lard unlike anything I've probably eaten in a cheap Mexican restaurant.

    1. Thanks for the glucose props! I totally felt more justified in eating two pieces of the banana bread I made because you said I could even eat sugar cubes as a reward:-)