Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend Fly-By

Heya friends! This is going to be a quick photo bomb. My apologies, but today was my second day of training for my new job. I woke up at five a.m., have just gotten home and eaten dinner, and it's already eight p.m. GAH! How do 9-5ers do it? No wonder most of us are slightly depressed and/or a little overweight. I'd quit going to the gym too if it meant that I had to workout every day at six a.m. or seven p.m. after getting off work at six p.m.

Um, anyway.

I made banana bread with blueberries in it:

I got flowers from my mom and dad for graduating:

(I'll post a pic or two of graduation once I get some photos from my dad.)

I treated myself to some of the cake that we got for my graduation pizza dinner. It was from the same bakery that did our wedding cake, and it was soooo good. Do yourself a favor if you live in the Boulder/Denver area and go get the carrot cake from Tee and Cakes.

Seriously. The whole carrot cake box smelled like cinnamon, and that chocolate cake had candied pretzels and peanut butter buttercream. So dreamy.

And lastly, we had our twenty-week anatomy scan. We are definitely having a baby, and they confirmed that it will be a girl baby. Who knew that they can actually see little baby labia on an ultrasound? Also, who knew how awkward it could get if your dad came along for the ultrasound and was there to stare at your baby's labia with you? Heh. Cough. Heh.

*What's the best sweet treat you've eaten lately?


  1. I know a lot of people turn their nose up at carrot cake but I LOVE it! And this is actually a new-found love, as I'd never had carrot cake until probably last year. Looks like the celebration was successful this weekend!

    1. You really have to try the carrot cake at Tee and Cakes then. It's special. Seriously.