Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pardon Me

For my super long absence, friends! Last week, as I mentioned before, was a bit crazy work-wise, and left me completely exhausted by the time I got home every night. I was planning on resuming "normal" programming on Friday and yesterday, but the holiday weekend got the best of me. Moving forward I'm not sure if I'll be posting on exactly the same days I usually do, but depending on my work schedule I'm still going to aim for 4-5 posts per week. 

Whew! With that, how was every one's Memorial Day? Our was filled with several social engagements, but not so many that it wasn't also relaxing. 

Haruki started the weekend off with a deer leg.

Uck. Isn't that nasty? This is not one of the perks of living in the mountains. It sure did make Haruki happy though.

Human-food-wise, I made a few things this weekend, though you can barely call it cooking or baking. The first was roasted zucchini with tomato sauce and parmesan cheese. I dunked olive oil bread into this mixture, and it was good.

I also made some banana blueberry bread, which I--unusually, for me--slathered in some Earth Balance.

On Sunday David and I made a trip down to town to meet my family at the Boulder Creek Festival. The "Creek Fest," as everyone around here refers to it, is just a huge party all Memorial Day weekend, with rides, food, vendors, etc. My nieces Riley and Morgan were especially enchanted with a "ride" in which they were placed into huge sealed balls and then rolled into a big swimming pool.

The adults were more entertained by the beer garden, though of course I didn't partake in any:-( David and I had a wok-fired stir-fry for dinner, and even got to watch the chef work his magic by slicing veggies directly over a very large flame.

This is not the big flame. I wasn't fast enough to get that picture.

Dinner close up:

Yum, right? I really appreciate it when veggie dishes have lots of veggies in them.

*Tell me the best thing you ate this weekend?


  1. Oh my god, that deer leg picture! I get the shivers thinking about what happened to the rest of that deer... Last year my sister planted ourselves in front of that plastic ball in a pool thing and laughed at how the little kids flailed around inside. Extremely entertaining. I think the best thing I ate was some short rib street tacos at the Denver Day of Rock, which I haphazardly stumbled upon on Saturday. And I am pretending that eating a short rib is way different from eating a deer leg...

    1. The funniest part by far is how hard they pull those plastic balls out of the water--so hard that the kids are really jostled up when it happens!
      And I think you've got a looooong way before you're approaching Haruki eating the deer leg:-)