Monday, May 6, 2013

Busy Bee

Yah, that's me! Sorta. It was a pretty full weekend, though, excepting about twelve hours on Sunday when I did nothing except watch TV/movies and drive to Alfalfa's to get kale salad. On the way back from Alfalfa's I did remember how lucky I am to look at this as I drive home:

Another reminder that I'm lucky? These flowers, which David brought home for me last night.

To be honest and less cliche, I didn't really feel lucky per se when David brought these home. Actually, I told him beforehand that he should bring me flowers. He had asked if he could do anything nice for me and I chose flowers, though he reminded me that when we started dating I once told him _never_ to get me flowers because they're dumb and a waste of money. My my how my hormones things have changed. Now I'm just happy because they're pretty.

Less pretty was Haruki's weekend activities, which included a lot of digging in the dirt. David says he's always wanted a Dalmatian.

Can you see the spots on her legs and back?

Saturday night was an improvised date night, or, I should say, afternoon, since David preferred to see a matinee movie followed by dinner. We saw The Company You Keep. It was pretty good. Afterwards we hit up Native Foods for a quick dinner...ummm...buffet:

Lucky for me David is okay with sharing. Close up on those sweet potato fries:

They look really tasty, right? But for some reason I found them less than wonderful. Lucky for David, who snarfed them all. By the way, which kind of fry eater are you--one at a time, or a big clump at a time? I like to eat fries one by one to really savor that I'm eating fries and that they're really delicious. You know, so the fries hit all the fat/sugar/pleasure triggers in my brain.

*What did you do for Cinco de Mayo?


  1. The past few years I've actually celebrated Cinco de Mayo but this year, not so much. That's okay since I probably drink enough margaritas during the rest of the year. I cannot believe that plate of Mexican food is from Native! I could totally mistake that for something at 3 Margaritas or some such place!

    1. It was their Cinco de Mayo taquito special, and it was pretty good though not _that_ good.