Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Car Wrecks and Chinese

So guess what happened to David the other morning?

He got rear-ended by a cement truck. Heh. He's okay so it's okay that I find the cement truck part funny, right? Sadly his poor little Subaru Outback, which is still sitting crumpled in our garage, looks like it will probably be totaled. Boo. Am I the only one who thinks that it really sucks when you get into an accident--especially one that is not your fault--and your car is totaled? This happened to me when I was approximately twenty years old. My car was trusty and reliable though not technically valuable, and instead of getting a check from insurance that represented that reliability, I got a check for two thousand dollars which, as you might know, is a paltry sum to go car shopping with. Sigh. The bad news for us is that if they do total the car we will be forced to get a new car and probably make payments on it. (I don't mean a really "new" car, since we would never buy a brand new car.)

Anyway, it is lucky that David is okay. Haruki was in the car with him at the time and luckily she was in her dog seat belt/harness. Apparently she was pretty shaken up and immediately planted her entire (long and 50 lb.) body into David's lap.

Since it's WIAW I thought I'd also share what I ate for lunch and dinner yesterday.


Yep, that's chicken people. I ate chicken. The more important lesson here is that one should never eat Indian-spiced chicken before working out. (That weird lump in the upper right hand corner is two pieces of potato.)


Last night's dinner was courtesy of our friend Brian, who came over to cook Chinese food for us. He even brought a real wok and a huge butcher's knife! From the left: broccoli with fermented soybeans and garlic (my favorite--sooo good!), cumin tilapia fish with celery, and refreshing salad-y thing of cabbage. With brown rice. It was delicious, and luckily Brian left us with a copy of the recipes that he works from.

On a non-food note, I also wanted to share another mountain photo that I took from the car on the way to the ultrasound appointment yesterday.

Cross your fingers that it stays this pretty (and non-rainy) until my graduation day on Friday!!

*When was the last time you were in a car accident, if ever?


  1. Poor David's Subaru. Nikki, the same thing that happened to you happened to me when I was in grad school! I had a car that I loved and it was rear-ended and totaled and I got a check for $2000.

    1. Yah. Our problem is that we need to drive cars that are worth at least $18,000 at all times. I'm working on it:-)

  2. Oh no, not the subaru! I find myself eating chicken more and more and actually liking it. Back when my mom cooked every meal I ate, I thought chicken was so boring and dry so who knows what happened there. It was so hot the day I graduated and I was so hung over, it was truly miserable but at least I was in the shade instead of out in the sun like my friends and family who all got sunburned. Fingers crossed for good weather!

    1. Ugh that does sound awful. It rained during my entire BA graduation and my MA graduation was canceled due to a blizzard. So I'm really hoping that tomorrow it is not raining and pretty.

  3. Oh no! Well.... you'll get a fun new baby mobile outta this and change can be good so look at it as a fun new car shopping adventure. Yes, fun and car accidents can go together it seems. Glad everyone is okay. The chicken looks yum. No go eat something else that's tasty.

    1. Yes, a new baby-mobile is a good thing, though we really needed to replace my car, and not his, since my car doesn't have AWD/4WD and sucks in the snow. So now we're going to have to buy a new car but we will still be stuck with only one car that is drive-able in really snowy conditions next winter.
      Womp womp. At least it could be worse. I read on Babble today that if I were giving birth in Niger or Sierra Leone I'd have about a one in thirty chance of dying during childbirth. So there's that to feel good about.