Friday, May 3, 2013

The Hummus Destroyer

Woo-hoo! It's Friday! And it's feels especially nice because hopefully spring and summer are finally here! Look--fresh strawberries!!!

Are you all eating like a pound of strawberries every day too?! No? Just me? Well I chalk it up to being knocked up. I just want to eat lots of fruit--all the time, and any kind. I don't think my parents _ever_ brought a kiwi into our house as a child, but now I'm hooked on at least one kiwi per day. This baby I'm schlepping about better be a freaking genius is all I can say...

On a related note, people keep asking me if I'm craving strange foods or strange combinations of foods. I can't speak for all pregnant women, but so far I can say that pregnancy cravings aren't much different from regular cravings. I mean, sometimes I want to eat something a lot, but I wouldn't say, for instance, that my husband had to drive fifty miles in a blizzard to get it. Instead, I just keep having these short rotations of cravings, e.g. for about a week straight I'll want to eat only x for breakfast. Lately I've been wanting to eat hummus, like a lot.

This was a new container of hummus just after I started lunch today:

And this is what it looked like once I was finished with lunch:

Uhhh...whoops? Guess it's better than a cream-filled donut, but let me just say that I barely stopped myself from finishing the whole thing. That's twelve servings, people!

We also got new bar stools in the mail (two days ago). After some prodding from David, without which I might've left those chairs in their boxes in the doorway until third trimester nesting struck, I opened them up and began the arduous task of, well, simply removing them from the box and setting them on the floor. Sometimes it's the dumbest tasks that seem so challenging before you do them, right? But, in my defense, I did think there might be assembly required, which, in case the English degree didn't clue you in, is not my strongest suit.

What do you guys think?

I plan to eat many pancake breakfasts from these guys...

*What have you eaten nearly twelve servings of at once? Also, are there any tasks or chores that aren't that difficult but which, for some reason, you have a hard time making yourself do? (In other words, make me feel better about my own gluttony and laziness, please.)


  1. I LOVE strawberries! Try mixing them up with cottage cheese. I swear it's entirely delicious. I've never been pregnant so who am I to say, but I've always thought "pregnancy cravings" were a scam. More like you just can justify sending your husband out in a blizzard! Who can only stop at 2 tablespoons of hummus anyways?

    1. I have to concur on the pregnancy cravings. I will say, however, that there is something about being pregnant that just in general has made me more likely to indulge in a craving. At least for the first three and a half months, anyway, when I was feeling nauseated, if there was something that sounded good, I ate it.