Friday, May 17, 2013

Summer Weekend and Sugar Gliders

Good morning, friends! It's Friday! And here in Colorado it looks like it will be a really pretty and summery weekend, filled with the smell of cut grass and lots of recreational baseball games.

I took this picture a few weekends ago when I was still pretty worried that it was going to snow again. Luckily, it hasn't, though it is supposed to get a bit rainy here next week.

I wish I could say I had lots of plans for my three-day weekend, but part of me wants to minimize plans so I can get lots of rest before next week's long work week. We do already have some plans, though, including dinner tonight with David's aunt and cousin and a lunch tomorrow with our neighbors and our friends David and Christine.

Before dinner tonight, however, I'm going to my regular bootcamp class, followed by an OB appointment at 11:30. I'll post a picture of this soon, but I've really "popped" in the last few weeks. I'm nearly twenty one weeks pregnant, and it's really starting to get obvious. Actually, a lady at the gym asked when I'm due yesterday, which is the first time a stranger has risked asking that question:-)

I still can't believe I'm pregnant, even though I have lots of evidence that I am, including this most recent ultrasound picture:

Apparently our daughter is quite round, both in the mid-section and in the head. Lucky for me--I like plump babies with big round heads. Let's just hope it doesn't get too big or too round before she makes her exit from my...errr, before she makes her debut.

And finally, before I sign off and get my things ready for the gym, just a reminder that there is a very good chance that you won't hear from me until next Friday. Again, sorry about that. I just really doubt I'll have the energy to post after working ten hour days. I'm working on getting the wi-fi password for my work so I could maybe post on my lunch break, but so far that has been unsuccessful.

In the meantime, I hope you all have a great weekend, filled with cut grass, burger cook outs, and oatmeal raisin cookie crumb... (Yum!)

*Is it weird that I think it's weird that I'll basically be carrying around my future daughter in my abdomen all summer? I mean, she's not a zygote anymore--she's moving around, drinking amniotic fluid, hiccuping, swallowing--and she's just going to hang out in my belly all summer. It's like I have a built-in anatomical "purse" in which I can carry her around.

On another note, have you all heard of sugar gliders? If not, check them out here: They are basically small flying marsupials. You can have them for pets, even, though some municipalities make them illegal. I like to ponder how much Haruki would enjoy having a flying marsupial around the house...


  1. Is it weird that ultrasound pictures kind of freak me out? I always wonder if pregnant people ever freak out about having a human inside of them. Because I feel like I might...

    I went through a phase where I really wanted a sugar glider. This was after a girl brought hers to class in her purse in high school. Have a good weekend!

    1. No, I think the pictures are weird too. You should see the 3D pictures, which are borderline unappealing. And yes, I think pregnant people do freak out sometimes. I don't see how they could not--it's truly the strangest experience and feeling that I've ever had.
      Hearing the heartbeat on ultrasound or doppler, however, is not that strange, and is actually my favorite part of being pregnant so far. Their hearts make a really cute swoosh swoosh sound.