Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thank Goodness It's Thursday?

So for many of you this may not be true, but I sure am glad it's Thursday. For this week and next Thursday is "my Friday," and I really can't express how much more relaxed I am tonight knowing that I'm off from work tomorrow and not in a mad rush to eat, relax, and get things ready for work tomorrow. I really need to send a present to my Dad for working in a job he hated for twenty years just so he could help support us. I truly don't know if I could work in a job that I didn't like, for forty hours a week, for any lengthy amount of time. I know I'd be a more miserable person.

That being said, and now that I've finished my first week of work at the Humane Society, I already feel glad and lucky to be working for such a stellar institution. The people are great, the benefactors of my labor are totally deserving, and it does make long hours or tedious tasks much more palatable. Talk to me next week, however, after I've worked ten hours a day for four days in a row. Heh. Barring a freakish increase in energy between now and then I think you all might have to do without me for those four days. Sorry. I know you'll pull through somehow though:-)

I have a feeling that meals next week will look a lot like this:

Yah. That's toast with olive oil and salt, plus refried beans covered in this:

Super creative and well-rounded, right? 

Speaking of meals, guess who I ate lunch to this afternoon? These guys:

That's two chickens in there in case you can't see them both. The reddish one is obstructing the little white one underneath. They made excellent lunchtime companions.

*With whom did you eat lunch today?

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