Thursday, May 2, 2013

Positive Thoughts

OK, so my bad on all the weather boo-hooing yesterday. I realized after I posted how tactless it was to make jokes about crashing in the snow. So it snowed again. Maybe that means that next winter, when I'm taking care of an infant, there will be fewer snow storms that keep me housebound. How's that for positive thinking? OK, semi-positive thinking.

I did take a few pictures yesterday, including of the Winter Wonderland.


And of my face as I tried to avoid the snow flakes while walking to get my hair cut.

Speaking of other positive news, I passed my drug screen for my job at the Humane Society! Whew! That really had me worried...haha. I asked the tech who took my pee sample and from the sound of it, being a drug user is pretty stressful. I would've had to use some pretty sophisticated measures in order to "beat" the drug test, and the whole time I was there I just kept thinking what a relief it was to know that I never had to worry that I might not pass. It was, however, kind of strange to take a drug test at all, seeing as how I'm a thirty-two year old pregnant lady.

But the best news of yesterday? I ran into these at the store yesterday:

Thank you, sweet Jesus, it's finally cherry season!!! These cherries are like a diet plan in themselves, since cherries in the summer prolly stop me from eating about sixty after dinner muffins between May and August. But don't tell David--they're not organic. He's a bit of a stickler when it comes to organic, though excepting the "dirty dozen" of pesticides and fruits/veggies I will occasionally buy non-organic fruits/veggies.

*What's your policy on organics? Will you only eat organic stuff, do you sometimes eat "conventional" produce, or are you all about the pesticides? :-)


  1. I try to buy most things organic but if it's a huge price difference my cheap side wins, and I get non-organic. When I found out strawberries were the #1 pesticide-ridden food, I vowed to only buy organic but that didn't last long...

    We hired a new receptionist at our office a couple weeks ago and she failed her drug test. I thought it was so funny. Shouldn't you know if you're going to fail or not?

    1. Haha--yes, you should know!! But maybe they're just trying to be positive too, thinking that maybe a bunch of crack will have already left their system?

  2. Im a poor grad student so I buy whatever is cheaper, thus I normally only buy non-organic. I try to get my produce from the Farmer's Market in the summer though, since it is local, normally the same price as at the store, more tasty, and organic.
    And I am jealous of your cherries. I am stuck buying frozen ones for now. Hopefully they will show up in my grocery store soon.

    1. Before I shackled myself to David there was no way I could've afforded organic fruits and veggies either. Graduate school is really not conducive to the highest quality of living in general, is it?
      To help make up for that, I'll wish you many many fresh cherries in the very near future:-)