Monday, November 5, 2012


This about sums up my weekend productivity: In my browser history, you'll find the following items:

1) "Gisele Bundchen too skinny during pregnancy?"

2) "Heidi Klum without makeup photos--bullshit?"

3) "Twists and Turns Along Kentucky Donut Trail" --NY Times

4) "Chris Christie and Romney" --Google search

5) "Do women labor like their mothers?" --Google search

Yup, another productive weekend for me!

But seriously, I did manage to vacuum, mop, wash my sheets + duvet, clean the stove and windowsills, and do laundry. I'm a machine, I tell ya!

David and I didn't do much on Friday evening, largely because I knew that I had to wake up early on Saturday morning to take Ruki to have the bandages on her foot changed. After taking care of that, I hit up a step class at my gym, where three different people fell during class! (I wasn't one of them, but for the record, I have fallen during a step class previously.) (It's hard to lift your feet higher than the step when you are a lazy f$%&.)

After step class I went home to relax for a bit before David and I went on a date night. We did "Dinner and a Movie," starting with a very quick bite at Native Foods.

We had the Saigon Rolls to start, followed by the Gyro Bowl:

Both of these were followed by the movie Looper, which wasn't terrible. Yah, that's what I have to say about that movie.

Is it just me, or is it like, the saddest thing ever to see people come into the movie theater too late--when there are no seats except those crap ones in the first three rows? There's just something so saddening about seeing people when they have no choice, and are instead resigned to a sub-par movie experience. Or, I think too much and it's no biggie. Your call:-)

Sunday started off pretty uneventfully. I had the last piece of the banana bread that I made on Friday (yes, it's that good),

after which I cleaned. A lot.

Then I scooted over to my parents' house, since not only were my nieces Riley and Morgan hanging out over there, but my littlelest niece Ella was too!


I also did some of this:

Which was then followed by this:

Oh, and some quality time with my husband and his no. 1:

Even after making him yum-tastic veggie burgers for dinner, with sweet potato fries (his favorite), I still can't compete with Haruki. I think it's because she doesn't talk back.

*Does your husband love your pet more than you? Does your dog sometimes look at you like that babysitter in The Crush--you know, like he or she is thinking how great things would be if you were out of the picture?

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