Saturday, November 24, 2012


Well, peeps, it is our final night away. We are in Zurich tonight and leaving tomorrow morning at an ungodly hour. It's a good thing we are leaving Zurich, too, because even though we only arrived in Zurich this afternoon we are already nearly broke. Yes, when they say things are expensive in Switzerland, they mean it.

But, it is also beautiful:

I am glad to be going home, though I am not looking forward to the ten hour flight from Frankfurt, Germany to Denver. Sigh. But, it will be nice to get back to my gym and my more moderate eating habits. I think Haruki might be missing us too!

I will, however, be so thankful that I was able to enjoy such a luxurious vacation with David, my partner and friend. It's such a cliché, but with David I've been able to start seeing the world. Last year we got engaged on our trip to London over Thanksgiving, and this year we are on the precipice of starting a family as we travel together in Europe.

Such antics, I tell you. We have such antics and fun.

I won't tell you what prompted this picture. 

At least I'll have those to think on as I count down the hours during tomorrow's flight:-)

*What is the best/worst part about traveling with your partner/spouse?


  1. These pictures are amazing!!! Except the one of David winking at the fairy which is sorta creepy. He's lucky to have found you ;)

    Mike and I traveled mostly on the motorcycle after our Hawaii honeymoon (turns out you can't ride "to" Hawaii but you can ride "in" Hawaii) and before the babe was born. Motorcycle travel involves way less chit chat which makes for a conflict free vacation ;)

    Sorry for all the winking, I hope David isn't jealous.

    Looking to forward to seeing more pictures of your trip when you settle in back home!!

  2. The one with the fairy is creepy, and you're right, he's a lucky bastard:-)
    Did you guys like Hawaii? I've never been there before. Did you eat any macadamia nut pancakes?
    P.S. David would only get jealous if Haruki started liking me more than him;) Wink, blech. I'm serious. He is in love with the dog.

  3. We did like Hawaii. It was *very* touristy though. Our favorite day was when we rented a motorcycle and drove all over the island.

    No macadamia nut pancakes although I brought home a ton of chocolate covered macadamias and guava jelly.

    YES! The boy is awake. I'm starved for breakfast this morning! Check back in later.