Friday, November 2, 2012

Pinterest Problem

Can anyone explain to me why Pinterest, and especially the Food & Drink section, is so irresistible during the holiday season? Year round I'll occasionally look at Pinterest, but during the holidays, from about Nov. 1-Dec. 25, I'm looking at all the treats and goodies daily. Before you say it, yes, I would probably enjoy looking at Pinterest foods less if I just ate more butter and sugar myself. But since that's not going to happen anytime soon, instead I stare at all the pictures of cakes, cookies, bars, overnight cinnamon rolls, etc., etc. My favorite is when the pinner writes: "Perfect for Christmas morning." In those cases, I image if I might make said item on Christmas morning too.

Ahem, anyway. Today is Friday, and that means that you all are about to go on a two-day Nikki drought. Bummer. To tide you over, here's what I've been up to today:

1) Crappy sleep. Haruki's bandage on her foot came off last night, so she woke up every two hours in the night crying, licking, panting, etc. Instead of resenting David for sleeping through all this, I woke him up to suffer with me. That really did make me feel a lot better. The whole situation, however, made me feel pretty badly, since rather than feeling only love and support for Haruki during her time of discomfort, I was annoyed that I was awake instead of sleeping. I mean, I reassured her, gave her pain medicine, pet her, yadayada, but all the while I was experiencing a very mild anger and very high level of frustration. At one point I really began to doubt whether or not I should become a mom; if I can't take one unexpected night of sleeplessness, how am I going to feel when a baby needs and deserves my attention all night for six months? Goodness. Please share your thoughts on this, i.e. reassure me. Here, I'll get you started: "You'll love your baby way more than you love your dog." (Even if your dog is a fast and agile Japanese water dog who was bred to hunt jellyfish in foreign seas.) (Don't ask.)

2) Bootcamp at my gym. Oh, God. I was tired this morning. But I did it!

3) Lunch with my parents at The Southern Sun.

I had the special salad of the day, which was arugula, beets, goat cheese, toasted hazelnuts, and shaved fennel. Mmmmm...

I should disclose that this was my second lunch, since after bootcamp ended at ten I was starving and headed to Whole Foods for a scrambled egg/kale pit stop. What? You don't eat double meals? It's like fatty extra credit. But I can't eat too much before bootcamp else I'll get queasy.

4) Baking bread. Yup, the same bread I always bake.

This is uncooked, pre-oven. I'll let you know how it turned out on Monday. In the meantime, have a safe and yummy weekend, peeps.

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