Monday, November 12, 2012

Slooooow Sat/Sun

My goodness this was a boring weekend. David was swamped with work and I wasn't feeling well. Add a snow storm to all that and you've got a recipe for lots of laziness. Proof of this laziness? I found a new show and watched the entire first season. The show is Call the Midwife, and it's on PBS. I'm not sure if it's a show most people would like, but as someone who studies midwifery and loves anything that is set in Britain it is totally up my "alley." I watched most of the season on Saturday while it snowed. We were supposed to go to a party at our friends' house, but unfortunately the snow persuaded us to stay home.

Sunday was pretty much the only day that we did anything. First I made noochy kale for lunch. (This was not my entire lunch.) I'm trying to use up all of our produce before we leave for France on Thursday, and this was a great way to dispose of the two heads of kale we had.

After consuming a lot of kale and watching football for a few hours it was time to drive down to Boulder to meet David's sister Cate, her husband Pat, and their two kids Courtney and Cooper for a bowling match.

The bowling date was originally supposed to be for Cooper's (11th) birthday, but it took us awhile to get our schedules in order and thus we missed his birthday by over a month. Whoops.



Guess who likes taking pictures more?

Also, guess who really does not enjoy bowling? That would be me. I mean, I go every once and awhile for the novelty of it, but about halfway through the first game I always remember how much I do not like bowling. The reason? I'm not good at it, of course. Even when I try--e.g. focus on my footwork, think about my arm extension, etc.--I still suck. Last night I bowled a 104. I guess I'm just a sore loser, emphasis on "loser."

After bowling David and I headed home so he could get some work done and I could surf the internet even more. Unfortunately, the high winds around our house must've knocked a power line down, because after about a half hour of being home the power went out, not to be seen again until this morning. Luckily I had my trusty e-reader thing, else I might have had to talk to and interact with David! Whew!

*Do you like bowling? Could you ever be with someone who did--like, really and absolutely loved bowling??


  1. Um, yes, I absolutely could be with someone who loves bowling. Because I am. Joey is a SERIOUS bowler. His 5th 300-game bowling ring should be coming in the mail this week. Totally a dorky "sport," but I guess I'm just used to it :)

    1. That's right--I remember reading that! For some reason it seems very cute that Joey is such a good bowler:-)