Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pick Me Up

Whew! Am I the only one who stayed up late last night? Going to bed at eleven-thirty and waking up at six a.m. is definitely not the best way to put me a good mood.

Luckily I've had a few things that have given me a pick-up today. The first? A hike up Mt. Sanitas here in Boulder. I was actually on my way to the YMCA for my usual bootcamp class, but just as I was passing Sanitas I decided that a workout outside was in order. It doesn't hurt that the high temperature here today is seventy-four degrees! Sanitas is a relatively short but very steep hike, so basically I did about forty minutes of high lunges followed by five minutes of yogic meditation at the top. (I'm pretty yogic, in case you didn't already know.)

Here's a picture of me pre-Sanitas, with chapstick smeared all over my face for sunscreen protection. (No sunscreen in the car means Nikki has to improvise. Now I've got my dirty face grease all over my chapstick though.)

After my hike I went to the gym to shower (instead of driving all the way home), followed by pick-up no. 2:

Yummmmm, brussel sprouts. I sometimes wonder if it's a good idea to eat two or three servings of brussel sprouts in one sitting, but then I figure my body will figure out what to do with all those extra vitamins and such. Right?

And now? Now I'm imbibing pick-up no. 3, which is a decaf 2% latte:

Decaf because I don't do caffeine anymore (for awhile now, actually), 2% milk because it turns out that I'd rather consume some cow milk instead of evaporated cane juice soy milk, and latte because I deserve it!

The final pick-up of the day? A haircut!!! Yay! Someone is going to rub my head! I tried to get David to rub it last night, but he couldn't bring himself to stop massaging Haruki. On an unrelated note, I bet David thinks Haruki would be a better mom than me:-)

*Do you like getting your hair cut? I do, but I've always felt slightly uncomfortable, like unable to relax when they wash my hair and massage my scalp. I think it's the ex-Catholic in me that makes me feel nervous about enjoying it too much. I mean, it's not like I'm catapulted into a land of ecstasy when I have my hair shampooed, but it is relaxing, yes?

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