Saturday, November 17, 2012


Bonjour mes amies! (That's French for holla back, y'all!)

Seriously, though, hey peeps, and happy Saturday!

David and I arrived in Paris safely yesterday morning, and we've been eating up a storm and walking around a boatload as well. Here are a few things I can say about Paris so far:

1) The French, as I suspected, don't think David is funny. In fact, it's not that they think he isn't funny, but that they have no idea that he is trying to be funny. (This, for me, is pretty funny.)

2) The French likes their sweeties and bread. Like, a shit-ton. It's completely normal to eat a pastry a day, so much so that many cafes have lunch deals that include a dessert. With pastry cases like this:

it's not hard to see why though.

3) The wine really is better.

I'm going to add some food porn here, but then I've got to be off to bed. I'm still catching up on my lost sleep, and tomorrow we have a big day--The Louvre!

Pain au chocolat

Spinach quiche with goat cheese and side salad

Pain au raisin


*How is the prep for Thanksgiving coming along? Are you making something(s)?

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