Friday, November 9, 2012

Finally Friday!

And despite it being Friday I'm still in a less-than stellar mood. Harumph! I think it's because we have a number of events this weekend and it's going to snow. In my mind these two things don't go well together. What does go well together is snow + movies + chocolate.

We were originally going to stay in last night, but we made last minute plans with my friends Heidi and Emma to have dinner in Denver. This I was all for, since it's been awhile since we've seen Emma and Heidi, and it's also been awhile since we had dinner at Watercourse Foods, one of our favorite restaurants in Denver. It's a fully vegetarian restaurant, so you can imagine why we like it.

Last night we got to the restaurant early, so David and I sat at the bar and shared a smoothie and an appetizer.

Buffalo seitan wings...

David looks less than thrilled, doesn't he? He's got a lot of business to take care of before we leave for Paris next week, so he's a bit stressed and stretched for time. Pobrecito. Crap. That reminds me: I haven't been doing a great job brushing up on my French.

Anyway, once Emma and Heidi showed, we got a table and got down to catching up, gossiping, etc., etc. I had the Maximus burger, which is a homemade veggie burger that comes with two sides. Since I'd already eaten half of a chocolate bar at lunch, I decided to get broccoli and chard as my two sides. I'm so good. (Ha)

My veg burger wasn't as good as it usually is, but it was still nice to see Heidi and Emma and also to spend some time with David when he was unable to talk about Popsockets, check his email, make phone calls, etc. I think the rule in Paris is going to be that unless the phone call or email can be conducted in French then the person in question can't do it. David is f$%&*#!

Today has been uneventful so far. Bootcamp this morning, followed by work + latte,

followed by lunch with my Dad, my sister-in-law Sarah, and my niece Morgan. (MoMo) We ate at the Southern Sun again, and I had the black bean burger, and neglected to photograph it. My bad. On another but related note, can I just say how cute jeggings are on a three year old? My goodness!

*Do you and your partner do work while on vacation?

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